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KW Alternative Feeds

C★Traffordgold is just one of the products in the extensive KW Alternative Feeds range.

As the largest supplier of Alternative Feeds, KW supplies hundreds of thousands of tonnes of moist, dry and blended feeds to livestock producers across the UK and Ireland.

We have the widest choice of feed products available - from traditional imported straights to a growing range of UK-produced feeds from the brewing, distilling and food processing industries.

We have a team of Alternative Feed Specialists who work closely with many different milk, beef and lamb producers helping to create the best diets for their animals.

In addition, we have a network of eight regional trading offices which support our feed specialists, across all species groups. These teams offer instant access to accurate information on feed prices and availability.

As part of the AB Agri group of businesses, we have the resources, backing and vision to dedicate ourselves to improving the profitability of the UK's food and farming industries.

Visit the KW Alternative Feeds website.

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