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Diet and Rationing advice for Heifer Rearing Systems

The rumen degradable protein and high energy make C☆Traffordgold an ideal complement to straw in a heifer rearing system. Suggested diets are shown below.

 Heifer Rearing Systems

Nutrients 04 - 10  10 - 15 15 months to 
months months pre-calving
Fresh weight (kg) 7 10.5 14.5
DMI (kg) 4.5 7 10.5
ME Ruminants (MJ) 50 76 104
Crude Protein
% of DM             
16 15 14

Suggested feeding rates are produced as a guide only and many other factors may have an overriding effect on animal response; no performance guarantee can be given. Rations should be carefully balanced for energy and protein, contain sufficient forage to maintain rumen function and be fortified with an appropriate vitamin and mineral supplement. Animals must have constant access to clean water.

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