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Research and Development

To understand the feeding value and optimum feeding quantities of C★Traffordgold, two detailed research studies were undertaken at the leading institutes of Harper Adams University College (HAUC) and the Scottish Agricultural Colleges (SAC)

Harper Adams conducted in vivo ME and protein degradability studies and the Scottish Agricultural Colleges undertook dairy cow feeding trials, proving the potential of C★Traffordgold to replace a proportion of the dry concentrates.

Furthermore, a comprehensive farm evaluation study was conducted to show the benefits of feeding C★Traffordgold when finishing bulls, compared to a conventional ration.

Summaries of the trials can be found below, just click on the links to view the PDF document.

SAC Trial            HAUC Trial             Finishing Beef             Finishing Bulls 
SAC Trial
  HAUC Trial
  Finishing Beef
Farm Evaluation (PDF)
  Finishing Bulls
HAUC Trial (PDF)

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