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How can I get hold of CTraffordgold and how much will it cost me?

CTraffordgold is produced from one source, Cargill Plc in Manchester, and is available all year round, however, once that production is sold, we can’t get anymore. C*Traffordgold’s price will always be relative to the cost of other compatible feeds and can vary.

For up to date information on pricing and availability please contact your local KW specialist, or call us on the number below.


Whats the best way to store my CTraffordgold?

To get the best from your CTraffordgold, it is important that you spend time storing it well. Like all moist feeds, attention to detail makes a huge difference. For more information on how to store it please visit our Handling section on the website


How much CTraffordgold should I feed each day?

This depends largely on the class of livestock you’re feeding, please visit the Diet and Rationing section of the website for more information


What load sizes can I buy CTraffordgold in?

CTraffordgold is typically available in 29 tonne, bulk tipped loads on an articulated vehicle, or, at a premium, 20 tonnes bulk tipped loads on a rigid vehicle.


How long will my CTraffordgold keep for?

CTraffordgold keeps very well, if stored correctly and can be fed immediately, following delivery, or clamped and ensiled for up to two years. Ag-Bagging is also a storage option, if clamp space on the farm is limited.


Can I ensile CTraffordgold with other feeds?

Yes, this works very well with CTraffordgold. We have many beef customers who regularly ensile a mixture of CTraffordgold, Sugarbeet and Bread. We recommend that the total mixture should not exceed a dry matter content of 65%. For more information please contact your local KW feed specialist, or phone us on the number below.


How can I incorporate CTraffordgold into my feeding system?

CTraffordgold can easily incorporated into a wide range of feeding systems:

Feeder Wagons
The use of CTraffordgold at 8kg per cow raises the protein of silage base of a dairy ration by 2.5% of the dry matter, while maintaining a balanced supply of energy sources helping (irrespective of concentrate feeding rate) the ideal foundation to a ration.

Including CTraffordgold will also moisten the ration and bind dust, improving mixing and palatability.
CTraffordgold has demonstrated an ability to replace compounds and allows the maintenance, plus proportion of the ration, to be increased, reducing the need for high feed rates of parlour compounds.

Midday feed
If you just feed cake in the parlour and silage, now is the time to add a convenient, balanced midday feed, perhaps in troughs or ring feeds in the collecting yard. CTraffordgold can be safely fed as a midday feed separately, or top dressed on to other feeds. This will help reduce the amount of compound required in the parlour and may also reduce the risk of potential rumen upsets.
As with all midday feeds there should be sufficient space for all cows to feed simultaneously.

Self feed CTraffordgold sandwich
If you choose to only offer self feed silage CTraffordgold is the perfect clamping partner.

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