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Stuart Barton, Product Manager

Our Customers

What do our customers say about CTraffordgold?

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Mr Parris from Birch Oak farm in Devon has 330 dairy cows and a herd of 300 beef cattle.

I started feeding C*Traffordgold a couple of years ago after my KW feed specialist recommended it as a forage extender and dry feed replacer- since using it, I haven’t looked back!

I use about 4 tonnes of C*Traffordgold every day, all year round, feeding about 5kg to the dairy cows and 3.5/4 kg to the beef finishers.

As a highly palatable succulent feed, C*Traffordgold helps maintain good intakes- I use it primarily as a well balanced moist concentrate alongside home-grown forages and bought in cereals and straights.

Quality and service are consistently good, price is competitive against similar spec dry feeds and it fits well into my feeding system. 

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David Leeming, who farms near to Harrogate and milks180 cows producing circa 8500 litres, replaced 8kg of current with New CTraffordgold in a TMR with grass silage, straw, SpeyMol, and a wheat, rape soya blend.

"When I introduced CTraffordgold I thought I saw an increase in milk production, certainly there were no feeding problems, it appeared very palatable though there's more weight in the bucket," summarised Mr Leeming, "I see great value in moist feeds as they improve the palatability of the mix and are very competitive against dry feeds. I will be buying it if the price is right," he concludes.

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In May/June 2006 James Hodge, JTH Farms, Skelmersdale, Lancashire needed a buffer feed to support the yields of 300 cows giving 8000 litres where fresh grass supply was limited partly due to the hot dry weather and reduced use of dry straights.

"Over a 2-3 month period I received 3 trial loads of deliberately varying dry matter and fed 6kg in TMR with grass silage, bread, wheatfeed, SBP and Soy Hulls plus fresh grass. CTraffordgold replaced some of the more expensive wheat and soya. I had highs giving 40 litres plus and a milk quality at that time of 3.8% fat and 3.3% protein. I was pleased to see that yields and quality were maintained when feeding C  Traffordgold and I saved on feed costs," he explains. "It appears to do the job" KW claim, "We tried two different dry matter products, the trial wetter product was like molten lava and couldn't do anything with it, it oozed everywhere, the drier product stacked and kept very well with only a small bit of mould, we just pushed it up with the bucket and pressed the top down," he adds.

"I'm waiting on price to see if I will feed it this year. If the price is right I'll happily take 1,000 tonnes in a clamping deal," he concludes.    

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No matter what system you have or what type of forage you may be substituting, our feeding guide can provide the answers.

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