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C★Traffordgold - Top 5 Benefits

1.    Your animals will love it!
A moist feed with a highly palatable, rich aroma, C★Traffordgold helps boost dry matter intakes, particularly alongside less palatable or dusty ingredients.

2.    Real value for money
More cost-effective, per unit, of energy and protein than many straights and manufactured feeds. SAC trials have shown C★Traffordgold to be capable of replacing a significant proportion of conventional compound feed in the diet, without affecting performance. C★Traffordgold can also deliver further margin improvements when used as part of a feeding regime to reduce the reliance on preserved forages- especially expensive third and fourth cut silages.

3.    Offers great performance and flexibility
Rich in protein, energy, digestible fibre, oil and starch, it’s an ideal feed for dairy cows, youngstock, beef and sheep in a wide range of feeding systems, offering improvements in production too.

4.    Simple and convenient to feed
Midday feeds, self feed with forage, forage boxes and feeder wagons- whichever feeding system you use, the physical nature of C★Traffordgold, coupled with its well balanced nutritional composition make it the easy choice for feeding your animals.  

5.    Traceability- second to none
From the wheat field, to your farm, C★Traffordgold offers some of the most stringent quality assurances possible in the industry. Produced at Trafford Park in Manchester in a human food factory, from non-GM wheat.

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