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The C★Traffordgold Production Process

Traffordgold Production Process Arial View

C★Traffordgold comes from one, traceable source- Cargill Plc’s processing facility in Trafford Park, Manchester. C★Traffordgold is produced as a result of processing wheat to make four key ingredients:

  • Starch
  • Glucose Syrups
  • Vital Wheat Gluten
  • Alcohol

These products are for use in the human food and drink industries and the aqua culture and pet food sectors.

UK wheat is predominately purchased direct from farm via Frontier’s Manchestergold procurement club, it is then coarsely milled to produce flour and bran (a form of digestible fibre) The flour is mixed with water to produce a wet dough. The dough is then processed to separate the starch and vital wheat gluten. The vital wheat gluten is dried and pelleted and used predominantly in the baking and aqua culture industries.

The starch is purified and graded; the purest grade is chiefly converted into glucose syrups and the remainder is sent to the onsite distillery to be fermented and distilled to produce alcohol.

After the fermentation & distillation of the alcohol, a distillery liquor, rich in energy and protein is combined with the digestible fibre (which still contains starch), plus a small percentage of a high energy glucose residue.

Collectively these ingredients are mixed together to make the highly nutritious moist animal feed C★Traffordgold.

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